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Relaxation (or Swedish) Massage  Slow, relaxing, muscle lengthening strokes are used to help relieve tension and stress in your muscles.  Pressure can range from light to firm, depending on your needs.  Truly a wonderful way to harmonize body, mind and spirit.

Deep Tissue Massage  Releasing tension from the deeper tissue strutures of the muscle and fascia (or connective tissues) requires more specific, more intense strokes.  Although this technique may feel less relaxing than a traditional Swedish massage, many people find relief from tension and pain.  We are always careful of your tolerance for pressure when doing deep tissue work.

Holistic Health Coaching  Good health is about balance in body, mind and spirit.  Intake and assessments are used to determine imbalances.  Recommendations specific to your situation are offered for supporting the body in re-balancing.

Compass Scan  The Compass Bio-Energy Scan makes health assessments simple.  The Compass measures 76 bio-markers for health, gives you a report showing how many are in or out of balance and gives specific recommendations for herbs that will bring them back into balance.  

Aromatherapy  The use of top-quality essential oils brings a therapeutic benefit to your massage.  An oil (or blend of oils) that will be the most beneficial to you will be chosen.  Only 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils from Nature's Sunshine Products are used.  Unscented oils and lotions are also available.

Iridology  The eyes truly are the windows of the soul . . . and your good health!  Iridology is the science and art of analyzing the structure and markings of the iris to determine a person's inherent strengths and weaknesses.  We'll take a close-up photo of your eye and give you the information you need to help improve or regain your health.

Ear Candling (not available in the Southfield office)  Ear Candling is the holistic way of treating ear aches and other common issues related to the ear. It is a therapeutic relaxation technique similar to acupressure, acupuncture, and aromatherapy.


70 Minute Massage                         $ 75.00
120 Minute Massage                       $ 130.00
30 Minute Mini-Massage                  $ 40.00 


New Cliet Consultation (60 minutes)                           $ 60.00
          Compass Assessment (30 minutes)            $ 35.00 ($25 for NSP Members)
Client Follow-Up Visit (30 minutes)                             $ 30.00


Ear Candling (both ears)                  $ 30.00
Aromatherapy for Home Use            $ 10.00
Nature's Sunshine Membership            Free **
** with $40 purchase at wholesale cost - info at www.MyNSP.com/KathyP 
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